Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.22.54 PMA tiny Wally fan! Click here to watch a 3.5 year old “read” the book!

Wally McBap really needs a nap.  He… “He dug up his pirate map, made up a shuffle tap/ tried fitting in a box, then counted all his rocks.”

Join Wally on his misadventures as he battles fatigue and dives headlong into a series of hijinks that nearly unravels his mother while endearing his readers, both young and old alike.

Ms. Arco-Mastromichalis’ jaunty rhythm entices the reader to join Wally in his mischief.  Her aptly chosen steps and missteps of a tired child engender the verse with both hilarity and credibility.  The lively, lyrical quality invites children and parents to enjoy the universal subject of napping in an original, enchanting way.

This is Andrea Arco-Mastromichalis’ first children’s picture book. With her keen sense of observation and honest wit, she promises to be one to watch. WallyMcBap Needs a Nap will certainly be a rich addition to children’s picture book collections.

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Debra Benedetti, author, Season of Play
Children’s Picture Book Winner-Mom’s Choice Award;
2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award-Finalist

Wally McBap Needs a Nap is a fun read for all! Kids will love following Wally on his busy, adventurous day. Adults and children alike will identify with Wally as he fights his nap time, only to discover it was just what he needed. The silly rhymes will evoke giggles while also teaching phonemic awareness. The rich vocabulary throughout the story exposes children to new words and allows for opportunities to discuss their meanings. A must read!

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Julie McDonald, M.S. CCC-SLP, Early Childhood Speech-Language Pathologist

Wally McBap Needs a Nap! is sure to resonate with any parent with a busy toddler. As Wally plays his day away, the little guy becomes more and more sleepy. Instead of getting the rest he so desperately needs, Wally pushes on until his whole world begins to fall apart. Much to his dismay, he finally rests and his world of colorful play returns. For any weary parent in need of a good nap time story, this is a great choice for explaining the importance of rest to the busy little Wally inside any toddler boy or girl!

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Liz Rich, Reading Specialist, Lindbergh School District, St. Louis, MO

Very clever and uplifting book about the struggles of getting your child to nap. I love the rhyming as well as the creative vocabulary introduced to young children. Fantastic book for teachers, parents, and SLPs to have in their book collections! Ms. Arco-Mastromichalis has a real gift for taking your child on a journey of a fun-filled day, and explaining the importance of naps along the way.

As a speech-language pathologist, this book could be used for so many purposes…articulation targets, introducing phonological awareness, and explaining new vocabulary! A must-have!!

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Heather H. Little, MA CCC-SLP
Owner of Speech-Language Communications, LLC

Wally McBap Needs A Nap! gets extra stars for the laughter and fun it brought into my therapy room even after the first read aloud! This book is a great addition to any SLP’s therapy collection because it includes so many speech targets including introducing new vocabulary, learning phonemic awareness through rhyming, and practicing final consonant sounds. The predictable language format encourages children to join in and verbalize the anticipated phrases alongside the reader. Wally’s silly antics keep even very young children engaged; all toddlers (and parents) can relate to and appreciate the laughable scenarios! One of my new favorite books for all the little people in my life including my students and my own toddler at home! Wally McBap is sure to become the next classic in your child’s library!

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Kelly Wittenauer, M.S. CCC-SLP
St. Louis-based Speech and Language Pathologist and mother of a 2-year old

This is a vividly told tale of the common transition problem that many little ones experience–so hard to stop playing and take the mid-afternoon nap! Wally’s zest for life and the impact of fatigue are cleverly revealed; the recovery post- interlude is brilliantly reflected from Wally’s perspective and reflects the current literature on the need for sleep! I will highly recommend to my clients, colleagues, and friends!

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Christina M. Arco, Ph.D., pediatric psychologist